NF Data Portal: major updates

We’re thrilled to announce the re-release of the NF Data Portal. New features include the ability to explore studies, data, and more with interactive plots; the ability to share your search results with others; a “shopping cart” for saving and downloading data; and new detailed study pages for every study in the portal. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email us at

FY20 brings several new grant opportunities:

  • The CDMRP Neurofibromatosis Research Program has several open RFAs for exploratory research, early stage researchers, new investigators, and clinical programs; LOIs are due on June 25.
  • CTF and NTAP have released the Opening Your Data Drawer RFA to encourage the public release of raw data from historical or unpublished studies. Apply here!

Advertise your research tools

Did you know that we list non-data research resources on the NF Data Portal in addition to data? Do you have an open-access NF-specific resource that you’d like to advertise and share on the NF Data Portal? Examples include: biorepositories, reagents, plasmids, cell lines, mouse models, diagnostic algorithms, and computational software. If you’d like to share something, please fill out this form to have it listed.