We want the NF Data Portal to be as open and easy to use as possible. To that end, we just launched a new docs site full of documentation to help you learn how to find, share, and use data on the NF Data Portal. 

Some highlights include:

An overview article on the data sharing process. If you would like to submit data to the NF Data Portal, steps to do so are outlined below. Please note that if your project has been funded by one of our partners (CTF, NTAP, GFF), you may have additional obligations to fulfill beyond the steps listed in this article, such as attending onboarding.

A handy how-to guide on annotating data. Annotating your data is the process of labeling files so that users can: get a general understanding of what information is contained in the file, determine what type of experiment was performed, determine what type of biospecimen was used, and assess whether the data is the type of data that they are looking for. This guide will show you how to annotate files you’ve uploaded to Synapse to make them findable on the NF Data Portal. 

And a go-to FAQ. We’ve worked hard to think ahead and anticipate your questions and needs, but if you have a question that isn’t addressed within the Docs Site or FAQ, let us know. Contact us at nf-osi@sagebionetworks.org

And more! 

Check out the Docs Site to see it all!