The Biden Administration announced a new requirement, to be implemented as soon as the end of 2025, that the results of all scientific research be made available publicly as soon as that research is published. This change could have huge impacts on scientific publishing in the coming years. In light of this, the journal Science has already announced that it will allow authors of its papers to make almost final version of the paper public immediately upon publication. Learn more on

Alongside immediate access to scientific research, there are steps being taken towards enhacing data sharing practices for NIH funded studies. NIH’s new data management and sharing policy will take effect on January 25, 2023, which requires all NIH-funded grants to make their data publicly available and to have detailed data management plans. Synapse, which is used by the NF-OSI and other data coordinating efforts led by Sage Bionetworks, is one their endorsed repositories capable of storing, managing, and sharing data from multiple modalities.